Alpaca Adoptions

Did you know that we offer an Alpaca Adoption Program? You can adopt an alpaca for one year. It is a fantastic gift for the alpaca lover, avid knitter or spinner, or for that person that you just don’t know what to get! We have two options the standard Adoption or Adoption Lite.

Standard Adoption:

The standard adoption is $200 for a one year period of time. You get to pick the alpaca you wish to adopt (your alpaca stays here on the farm) and you get the following list of benefits

  • a certificate of adoption, framed photo of the alpaca and copy of papers
  • monthly email updates on your alpaca, including photos
  • invites to events on the farm including shearing day
  • farm visits
  • 10% discount on our products
  • if you choose to buy the alpaca that you adopted then you get 20% off on the sale price
  • you get to keep the fleece of the alpaca after shearing

Alpaca Lite

In the lite option you get all the benefits of the standard adoption without keeping the fleece for just $100 dollars.

Due to the brittle nature of cria fiber, our crias are only available for adoption lite

If the alpaca that you choose to adopt is sold during the adoption period, you can pick out a different animal or we will choose a comparable animal to replace it.

Alpacas Available for Adoption

  • Bella
  • Bellagio (adoption lite only)
  • Echo
  • Sierra
  • Encore
  • Opera
  • Symphony
  • Loredo
  • Emerson
  • Blue
  • Miguel
  • Latte
  • Cassie (adoption lite only)
  • Brule
  • Jubilee
  • Langley (adoption lite only)
  • Zuni
  • Scooter


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