I had a great Thanksgiving in Lake Tahoe,  I wasn’t able to bring my alpaca friends, but I sure did enjoy my family. I am on way way home and back to my farm life. I always miss the herd when I am away, but do enjoy the break from chores. I am very thankful that I have good friends and family to help with my alpaca world. I couldn’t do it without them. I did get some knitting done while I was away, my daughter does think I am that crazy yarn lady.

I will be open tomorrow from 2 – 6 for anyone wishing to come by. IMG_0370


Ok, this started to be Monday’s post, it is now Tuesday morning. We had a new baby yesterday,  he was there when I went out to feed the animals, so I did’t get to see the birth, maybe I can see the next one. He is white with a few fawn spots, very cute. His Mom is Disa, and she is a very good Mom. We had a group from the YMCA come out, it was fun showing of the new one.  Busy day, hope to get some pictures on here today.

Farmer’s Market

With springtime here it is time to get back to the market. Prior Lake Farmet’s Market starts again this Saturday! I am very excited to catch up with everyone that I haven’t been able to see all winter. I am really looking forward to an egg sandwich! Market hours are 8 to 12. Hope to see everyone there!


Well, Spring is here, so it is time for me to get my act together and start posting regularly.  We have a shearing date, it is May 1st. We will start about 830am. I still have room for a couple more helpers, so please email me at if you are interested. It is a busy day, but very interesting.

finally summer, maybe, by cooper


Helping Mom in the barn.
Helping Mom in the barn.

003003Hi Everyone,

let me introduce myself, I am Cooper. I am going to take over the blog, since Dani is now in North Carolina and I don’t think she is coming back.  This is good for her, but sad for me.  I came to live on the farm last summer.  I was living with my Mom and Dad, and two brothers and then I was adopted by the Maxfields. I really like it here. There are alpacas everywhere, plus a couple horses, chickens and Thomas the mini horse. I especially liked spring because there has been a lot of water, and I love water.  Did I mention I003 am a red fox lab? maybe that’s why I love water.

Bella’s Baby

Bella had her baby Sunday morning! He is super little (Only 11 lbs!!!) He is perfectly healthy though and super cute. He is a little white boy and like the baby born last week he has no name yet…any ideas out there?

Isn’t he cute!?!

Stop by and visit him sometime this fall!



So our dog Stormy died last summer and we all wanted to get a new dog…except for my mom…who would say she wanted a dog but would never look at the puppies that my brother and I found for sale or she would find issues and reasons not to get a puppy. Well she finally consented to getting a puppy and now we have Cooper!

IMG_3650 - Copy IMG_3577 IMG_3514

He is an 8 week old red lab and kinda fat (that just makes him fit in with our other animals! lol) He is way super cute!

In other news the Dakota County Fair starts this week so make sure to stop by and see my mom who will be there with some of the alpacas!


Stripedy Socks

I love a good pair of funky socks and we just got in some super awesome stripedy socks in a couple of different colors.


They are nice and lightweight and totally fulfill my funky sock requirements!!!

In other news…Madeline had to be put down last weekend. She got a parasitic worm that had become resistant to the wormer we were using and had become super anemic. My poor mother had to deal with everything herself. Madeline had been acting fine the day before and then that day she wouldn’t leave the barn so my mom took her into the vet and that’s when they discovered she was anemic, and so severely that even blood transfusions wouldn’t help. Then my mom had to give the entire herd three doses of another wormer, and oral iron supplement and an iron supplement that was mixed in with the water. All this happened while I was house sitting, my sister was out of town for crew and my brother was out of town on a missions trip…The rest of the herd is doing fine and no one else is having any problems, thank goodness



I know it has been soooo very long. I had family in town for almost a month and alpaca stuff slid to the side as I spent time with my adorable niece and nephew.

aaa 018


They love the alpacas. ‘Alpaca’ was one of my nephew’s first words!


Well, in the time that I have been gone its been a busy place around here we have had three babies…Jameson, Selene and a little girl with no name yet…

IMG_3175 IMG_3170IMG_3174


We got a mini horse…his name is Thomas. The big horses are fascinated



And the barn cats are getting old and lazy so we got some kittens to start mousing once they’re big enough



And we finally have hay!!! Its been a tough year with all the rain this spring that the farmers couldn’t cut. We were literally down to the last bale. Saturday we finally got a load from our hay guy!!!


That’s all for now…