Shearing Day

We sheared on Tuesday so now we have a bunch if naked alpacas in the yard…Its so easy to forget how tiny they are without their fluff!!!

Its so interesting to see the different reactions of the different animals…some are calm and like whatever…some scream and some spit. For the ones that spit (like Athena below) we put a sock over their mouths otherwise they get green slimy stuff everywhere!


Sammy and Tioga came for a visit. Last time they were here they were little!


That’s all that’s exciting at the moment. Hopefully we have some babies soon!

I wish spring would come…

Winter here is lasting forever! There is still snow on the ground…My brother’s confirmation on Thursday was postponed due to the storm being so bad! And more snow in the forecast for tonight…I am sooo ready for spring and so are the alpacas



We got new animals in the other week! Disa (the one with a jacket), Pumpkin (the cria), Sparkle (the big brown one), Peggy Sue (the light fawn one) and Gypsy (the white)

Then we had the Midwest Alpaca Expo in Owatonna last weekend. We brought 5 animals (Langley, Achilles, Jubilee, Rogue and Cassie) Langley placed 1st, Rogue 2nd, Achilles 3rd and Jubilee 4th. Cassie ended up not being shown because her class was at the same time as Jubilee’s.

Cassie was probably best not going anyway…when we unloaded the animals on Friday Cassie was the worst one walking in and as soon as we got in the building she laid down. Abbie (who was helping out) and myself took the rest of the animals over to the pen while my mom and one of the FFA helpers tried to deal with Cassie. They could not get her to move so by the time I got back from the pen there was a gentleman who had been watching this saga and brought over a cart and said lets try this…we loaded Cassie up on a cart and pushed her the whole way!!!

PART951365879081887 Resampled95PART951365879099742

Until next time,





Ghetto fence

So my family was all out of town last week and it was just me here taking care of the animals. There was one night that I was out late and when I got home I went out to the barn to feed and I found the fence separating the horses and the alpacas was broken. Someone (my guess is the horses) had knocked one of the railings down and it would be easy-peasy for the alpacas to slip through into the horse side. (My horse is not always friendly with other animals around so I did not want them to go through!) It was late and it would have taken forever to locate the proper nails and such so I rigged up a temporary solution…


I used a pallet, a partial sheet of plywood and some bailing twine!

Until next time



Bailey is getting big. Almost a year and she has long fiber especially around her eyes now! It looks like she is always squinting and an upturn to her mouth that makes her appear to always smile!

And she has her Velcro cria fleece still and it attracts absolutely everything!!! She had sooo much hay stuck to her back the other alpacas were snacking off of her!

IMG_1199 IMG_1197

I think it is incredibly amusing!

That’s all for now


Technology…wonderful when it works…

So last time I wrote I was overwhelmed with everything going on and not feeling like I had accomplished anything…I’ve gotten beyond that and would have posted last week but I’ve had all sorts of issues…My internet was not working at first I thought it was my computer but I have discovered it was the wireless. It is now fixed (for the most part anyway). Then the website stopped working and I had to call the hosting company for it to be fixed (that’s done now) and hopefully that is done for now…

I got a bunch of stuff done the other day…

One of my friends and I bought the stuff to make these dream catchers months ago and I finally got mine made!



And my mom liked it so much she had me make one that has alpaca yarn in the mix so we can sell it!

dream catcher


I made these pretty bookmarks that I had been waiting to make for weeks but had been missing the ribbon crimps and everyone was out of them but my mom finally found some at the new Michaels in Minneapolis.



Scooter went to his new home! We will miss him but are glad that he went to a good family!



Saturday we had a pipe leak and a ceiling tile in the basement collapsed due to it.



There was an open tote bin directly below the leak with Paca socks in it! Luckily most of the socks still had the plastic sleeves on them! Only a few of the socks got wet or had crumbled ceiling tile on them!

It’s always one thing or another! I finally got my seed order in and received so I am going to start some (the things that need longer such as tomatoes and eggplant) tonight!




Until next time!


No Longer Nameless

The babies finally all have names…I know for one its been 9 months and the other 2 its been 4…but all in good time right???

So we had Izzy and Bailey named right away. Izzy my niece named and Bailey (whose mom is Machiatta) comes from our line of coffee drinks so she is named after Bailey’s Irish Crème!

IMG_0448   IMG_0597



Brule’s little girl was born the same week as Izzy but has remained nameless for a long time. We finally found a name for her…Brule’s name is from Crème Brule and we wanted to keep the name for her cria in the French dessert world so we went with Madeline.














Life as usual

Its cold outside and the animals are all cooped up in the barn. I went out to give Izzy a bottle and thought I should take some pictures…The problem with taking pictures is that when the alpacas have hay all you get is this…



The back of the head!

Izzy did let me get a good picture of her with milk all over her face!


Remember those yarns I said I would take pictures of…well here they are










You know you’re a Minnesotan when…the -6 degree wind chill feels warm…those  -30 something degree wind chills were bitterly cold. I am sooo glad I have my alpaca socks to keep my toes warm! In the terrible cold the other night I would have loved nothing more than to stay inside by the fire but no my klutz of a horse got a big old gash on her leg from running into who knows what and we had to go out and clean it. Of course my mom and I had plans to do it when I got home from work but she decided to run errands then instead and we didn’t get out to the barn until 8:30 or so.

Over the weekend my mom worked an event at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club. She got me the loveliest shawl/scarf. It is a pashmina and silk blend in pinks and grays with a horse pattern on it.

I got some dying done the other day…its still drying I’ll have pics of the yarns done up once they are dried and skeined…I did some experimenting and LOVE how it turned out!

I also made these pretty paper flowers from coffee stained pages, vintage tatted lace and bits of yarn







I’ve been MIA for awhile…I had family in from out of town. My sister and brother-in-law and their kids came from California for a visit. We had a second Christmas dinner, opened presents with the kids, and played the ‘dancing game’ (Just Dance on the Xbox and one of the things my 4 year old niece loves to do when she visits). They went to ‘the mall with rides’ aka the Mall of America and had hot chocolate on the porch. And Karley helped feed Izzy.

This weekend my mom will be at the Healthy Living Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center. She will be sharing a booth with Natalie from Twin Cities Local Foods. It is a super awesome website that is an online farmers market for the Twin Cities It is a fantastic concept. Check it out sometime when you get the chance!

I guess that’s all for now…I promise to have new pictures soon

The Year Behind and A Year Ahead

2012 has officially come to a close and 2013 is stretching ahead of us. 2012 was a good year over all. We had babies born…


we lost a few friends

IMG_7183  IMG_6100

My niece came for a visit and Izzy was born while she was here and my niece named Izzy after her favorite character on her favorite TV show.




I learned how to dye yarn last spring. I love it! Keep an eye out for more fantastical color combinations to come as I get better at it.


We found a few new suppliers. The Alpaca Yarn Company has fantastic yarns in lovely colors.


And the Survival Sock from our new fiber co-op are amazing!




2013 is here now and full of possibility. We will have more babies born, hopefully will sell more alpacas to good homes, and increase business. We have more ideas so look for more fun things coming! The best way to start the new year though is my sister from California and my niece and nephew are coming out on Friday! I hope 2013 is prosperous for all of you!