Stripedy Socks

I love a good pair of funky socks and we just got in some super awesome stripedy socks in a couple of different colors.


They are nice and lightweight and totally fulfill my funky sock requirements!!!

In other news…Madeline had to be put down last weekend. She got a parasitic worm that had become resistant to the wormer we were using and had become super anemic. My poor mother had to deal with everything herself. Madeline had been acting fine the day before and then that day she wouldn’t leave the barn so my mom took her into the vet and that’s when they discovered she was anemic, and so severely that even blood transfusions wouldn’t help. Then my mom had to give the entire herd three doses of another wormer, and oral iron supplement and an iron supplement that was mixed in with the water. All this happened while I was house sitting, my sister was out of town for crew and my brother was out of town on a missions trip…The rest of the herd is doing fine and no one else is having any problems, thank goodness


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